Wind Down After Every Game With a Sports Massage

Enjoy 90 minutes of bliss in Grand Junction, CO

When you played your best on the field, you're going to feel it for a few days. Take the edge off by getting a sports massage in Grand Junction, CO. The owner of Massage By Rebecca will gently stretch your entire body to prevent injury.

We can also use shiatsu techniques to relieve tension in certain areas. Add scraping therapy, or gua sha, to your sports massage for $5 or cupping therapy for $10.

To make an appointment, call 970-773-1423 now.

sports medicine massage

Your body needs a break

Repetitive throwing, kicking and swinging motions can take a toll on your body, but a deep tissue massage can stimulate your body's natural healing processes. Book a rejuvenating massage today if you...

Play a rough-and-tumble sport like football
Feel stiff or sore after practice
Want to stay flexible

Come to Massage By Rebecca in Grand Junction, CO whenever you want a deep tissue massage.