Can Cupping Therapy Help You Feel Better?

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Cupping therapy uses suction to stretch muscles along the shoulders and back. Along with relieving tension, the intense pressure can help improve blood circulation in target areas. Massage By Rebecca offers cupping therapy services in Grand Junction, CO for just $30, so you don't have to pay a fortune to find out if cupping will work for you.

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Other alternative therapies we offer

Other alternative therapies we offer

Maybe you heard about the ionic body detox from a friend and are curious about the benefits. At Massage By Rebecca, you can enjoy a 30-minute detox bath for just $45.

We also offer affordable...

Gua sha massages, which involve scraping the skin with a blunt massage tool
Shiatsu massages, which involve applying pressure to acupuncture points
Swedish massages, which involve the use of long, sweeping strokes

You can add massage or CBD oil for an additional fee. Contact us today to book a massage or an ionic body detox in Grand Junction, CO.