Thinking About Adding Massages to Your Treatment Plan?

Ask your doctor before scheduling medical massage services in Grand Junction, CO

Some massage therapists are certified to give neck and back massages that complement clinical treatments. If your doctor is OK with you getting a post-surgery or an accident recovery massage, turn to Massage By Rebecca for medical massage services.

Owner Rebecca Long often works with Grand Junction, CO area residents who are experiencing painful side effects of...

Chronic illnesses like cancer
Mental health conditions like PTSD
Traumatic events like car accidents

Rebecca's gentle, therapeutic touch is sure to help you relax. Contact us today to schedule medical massage services.

medical therapy massage

You might not have to pay completely out-of-pocket

Depending on your policy, your insurance provider might cover some or all of the costs of your accident recovery massage in Grand Junction, CO. Uninsured clients pay $30 for 30 minutes, $60 for 60 minutes and $90 for 90 minutes.

Call 970-773-1423 now to find out if we accept your policy.